Drive, arrive, revive . . . the Hookwood Lodge pledge

As much as we all look forward to a holiday abroad, there's no doubting that the build-up can be stressful. A 6am flight might not sound too early at the time of booking, but as the holiday looms and plans are firmed up, the reality looks very different.

Once check-in times are taken into account, as well as the journey to the airport, you're suddenly faced with a horribly early wake-up call.

One obvious solution is to go to bed early the night before. But as most of us know, this doesn't tend to end well! A combination of excitement and 'Have I definitely got my passport/currency/sun cream?' anxieties can mean we're still tossing and turning as the alarm call fast approaches.

Here at Hookwood Lodge our mission is to spare you this scenario by providing overnight accommodation the night before your flight – and also on the day of your return, if required. 

Our newly-refurbished Victorian Lodge is just four minutes by car from Gatwick Airport, so instead of tackling the first leg of your journey on the morning of your flight, you can drive to Hookwood the day before, arrive without the stress of an imminent flight, and revive in one of our luxurious en-suite bedrooms. Drive, arrive, revive . . . once you've tried it, you won't want to travel any other way!

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