Making a Difference - Going Green 

You don't need to be an avid news reader to know the importance of contributing towards climate change in this current day and age. From small contributions like reducing waste and recycling, to choosing a different way of life altogether, there is so much that can be done and if everyone plays a small part, then we can make this world a better place for wildlife, our children and the future of our planet.

We are really proud, here at Hookwood Lodge, of the small efforts we make in contributing to the environment and knowing that if all did the same, then together we could make a huge impact. We recently set out on a new building project with a plan to not only recycle any waste material here on site, but we took time to consider how we could use that material to benefit the design and layout of the land.

Below are just some of the ways we have been able to contribute:

  • In the recent extension, we renovated the old brick from the demolished out-houses to create beautiful walls for our patio. Any hardcore remaining such as decayed roof tiles we used as the base for new paths around the grounds for our family and guests.
  • Earth was removed to facilitate the foundations of the new extension and we reconditioned this earth with old grass clippings and manure from local stables. This meant that we could revitalise other grassed areas around the property that were lacking in good nutrient.
  • We use LED lighting across the entire property as well as energy efficient boilers.
  • With the renovation underway, we had a lot of materials arrive on pallets. We used the pallets to create garden furniture around the property to sit and admire the grounds at leisure.
  • We prune and cut back all excess growth of trees and bushes on our parkland in the autumn taking into consideration the winter nesting. The clippings are chipped on site and laid down to encourage new growth. If we ever need anymore, we source these from local tree surgeons.
  • All our onsite workshops, storage units and machinery sheds have been renovated using wood from sustainable forests.
  • We have planted over five thousand native trees and plants including Oaks, Alder, Hornbeam and Beech. Plants that grow nuts and berries, bushes and climbers that attract pollination were all on our planting A-list. Two orchards were planted out five years ago and produce a plentiful array of fresh fruit. You would be amazed how this has increased the number of wildlife from Bees and Butterflies to Birds and Badgers. The dawn bird song is a delight.
  • We have used recycled sleepers to build bridges over the streams and culverts. All waste food, grass clippings, old paper and cardboard is rotted down and recycled to make compost.

Please feel free to take a wander round the grounds on your next visit to us and see for yourself how we are transforming our house and grounds into our own little English country garden.

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